A Few Changes…

Hey friends!

I know many of you reading this are frequent visitors and you have probably noticed something very different about my blog: it’s no longer affiliated with Major League Baseball. I was really upset when WordPress e-mailed me a few days ago and let me know that MLB was terminating their relationship with WordPress. I loved being able to blog as an MLB affiliate and have a baseball-centric blog!

However, now that I am being forced to change my formatting, I think that perhaps I can alter my blog a little bit, too. While I will still focus heavily on baseball, I’ve decided that I will also begin writing about other sports. I am a huge sports junkie (ESPN is literally on as I’m typing this), so my interests do not only lie on the baseball diamond.

So, starting now, I will begin writing about more sports, more teams, and more players. I’ll still keep the tone and length of posts the same and I will be better at posting more often. 2016 was a crazy busy year, so hopefully now that things have settled down I can start posting more. I am also planning on starting up a photography blog (my other passion) where I can showcase my work and garner interest from my peers.

Thanks for sticking with me and being patient! Hopefully I can still write posts that are engaging, entertaining, and make you think!