I am choosing to talk about my home-slice Alex Rodriguez instead of writing an essay that really needs to get done, which show everyone how high college is on my list of priorities. Yes, senior-itis has really taken a grip on my soul…Ok. Back to A-Rod!

Earlier today, Alex Rodriguez sent a hand-written note (he has fantastic cursive, grammar, and spelling, BTW) to ESPN:New York and MLB expressing how sorry he was for everything. Yes folks, he apologized for what he did and admitted that he made everything a lot harder than it had to be. So, we get this note instead of a press conference, which might be the best choice A-Rod could have made. I like that it was hand-written because it is a little more personal than an e-mail, memo, or telegram (because that’s still a thing, right?!). He got to say what he needed to say without reporters peppering him with questions he doesn’t want to answer. And yes, there are still plenty of questions he needs to answer.

In my mind, a press conference would not have made a difference. He would get painted to look like an ass no matter what happened. Legally, there are things he cannot answer right now (as in, he still might have to testify at trials, so he must keep quiet). Prosecutors were listening to him hard when he testified for immunity last January, so it makes sense that A-Rod MUST control the environment when talking about the Biogenesis scandal. After all, he probably would rather not go to jail for perjury. By sending out a note, he is really expressing that he only wants to focus on the game. A press conference would not allow him that opportunity. Not to mention people would be hyper-focused on his body language and phrasing.

This apology doesn’t mean the circus will be over. There will still be swarms of reporters all year long and distractions galore. Heck, we don’t know if he can still play! But, he only wants to be judged by what he does on the field, so my guess is he will only answer baseball-related questions. The Yankees are still super pissed off at him, as are the fans. I’m one of probably ten people who will take the apology at face value and will be excited to see him back on the field. He is, after all, one of the best players of my generation. His teammates seem to harbor no ill-will towards him, and A-Rod might actually get to be a mentor to the younger Yanks this year. My philosophy is this: if the players are ok with him, I am ok with him.

A-Rod is still a turd burger, but at least he is taking a step in the right direction. Like he said, the Commissioner is putting this behind him, the MLBPA is putting it behind them, and we should, too (at least for now). Because guess what? Pitchers and catchers start reporting TOMORROW, which means baseball season is officially upon us!!!!!!!!!!

And isn’t baseball what we all want to focus on, anyway?



Author: shestealssecond

I love baseball more than I love Churro Dogs and I'm cooler than A-Rod wearing Ray Bans.

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