A slight baseball deviation…Football!

Ever since quarterback Drew Stanton got injured last night while playing the Rams on Thursday Night Football, my brain has been distraught over the state of my beloved Arizona Cardinals. Baseball has been but a fleeting thought in my brain, but have no fear, I am still rocking my Yankees sweatshirt as I type. Anyway, while I was thinking about the state of those AZ Cardinals, my dad proposed an idea he heard on Sirius NFL Radio: getting a QB to come out of retirement and play the remainder of the season. What? That’s a thing? Who would do such a thing? Then, Dad suggested a name and it really got me thinking…

Brett. Farve.

What would happen if he came out of retirement (again)? Hmmmm… *foggy dream clouds*

“Can you believe that Brett Farve, once again, came out of retirement and has led these Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl victory?” Kevin Harlan asks Boomer Esiason, and the audience that is sitting at home, who had just watched what had been the greatest Super Bowl game of all time. Red and white confetti was falling from the sky as the Cardinals celebrated on the field while Tom Brady stood on the sidelines, stunned that Farve had beat him. Fans were weeping with joy in the stands while the offensive line hoisted Farve on their shoulders. “Ever since he came back to the game of football during week 16 to face the Seahawks, Farve has led this team in a way no one expected. He and head coach Bruce Arians have done a great job in leading this team to the biggest game of the year, which just so happened to be hosted in Arizona. After squeaking by his old Green Bay team to win the NFC title, Farve was ready to lead this team past the very good New England Patriots.”

“And let’s not forget, ” Boomer adds, “How lethal he and Larry Fitzgerald have been! These two working in tandem have been a force to be reckoned with. Fitz had 4 touchdown catches during the regular season, but he has had 5 in the playoffs alone. I swear, this is a quarterback and receiver match made in football heaven! And in tonight’s Super Bowl victory, Fitz had one of those touchdown catches, which won the game.”

The whole stadium, Patriot fans included, started chanting “FARVE! FARVE! FARVE!” as Brett Farve lifted the Super Bowl trophy above his head. It was a sight to behold as this great quarterback, whom everyone had discounted as soon as he announced he would play the remaining games for the Cardinals, let a few tears slide down his face. He had sealed his fate as the greatest quarterback to walk on planet earth. While the chants continued, sideline reporter James Lofton tapped Farve’s leg, asking for an interview. Farve nodded and the offensive line slowly let him down off their shoulders.

“Tell me Brett,” Lofton asked, “How is this Super Bowl victory compared to your victory with the Packers nearly 20 years ago?”

Farve gave a coy smile. “Ya know, I gotta say that this is the greatest win I have ever expirienced in my whole life.”

“So are you glad you came out of retirement for this? Or should I say, came out of retirement again?” Lofton teased.

Farve gave a chuckle. “Yes, I’m real glad I did this. But, I promised my family that this would be the last game of my career. And I mean it this time!”

“Even if Arians begs you to come back?”

Farve contemplated the question for a moment. “I think he should be just fine without me.” He glanced at the sidelines and nodded at Carson Palmer, who nodded back. Palmer would take over during 2015 next season and be great, more than living up to his contract. Farve knew he was leaving the team in good shape, but he was still going to soak in the moment as red confetti swirled around him. He knew he had more interviews to do before the day was done, but he wanted to enjoy this moment for a little bit longer.

The Jumbotron at the end of the stadium flashed “Arizona Cardinals: 2015 Super Bowl Champs!!!!”, and champs they were. The Next Man Up philosophy had worked better than anyone had hoped, but this Super Bowl was all about a different philosophy: Final Man Up.

And the final man up was Brett Farve.

So, there you have it. My creative writing piece on Brett Farve winning the 2015 Super Bowl. It’s stupid and kind of funny, but it was fun to write. Thanks for the idea, Dad!

Now, let’s get back to baseball.


Author: shestealssecond

I love baseball more than I love Churro Dogs and I'm cooler than A-Rod wearing Ray Bans.

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