Cano, don’t’cha know?

Listening to the Bleacher Creatures chant “You Sold Out” to Robinson Cano was as hilarious and it was ironic. After all, the New York Yankees are only good because they rely on their players “selling out” to join the team. How much did CC Sabathia sign for? Or Mark Teixeira? $161 and $180 million respectively. How much did they give Jacoby Ellsbury to come over from Boston? How much did they pay Brian McCann to leave his hometown? 

You get the point. 

I could go on and on all day about what a dumb chant those bleacher creatures were yelling. I get why they are upset: Not only did NYY offer Cano more money, but it would give him a chance to have a Jeter-esque New York career. But, sadly, he opted for a longer contract. So, instead of a $175/7-year deal, he got a $240/10-year deal. Well, I guess you can say he has job security. 

The NYY were not about to dish out another 10-year deal. They don’t need it blasting them on the back-end, a la Alex Rodriguez. After seeing that first-hand, you’d think Robinson Cano would understand why a 10-year deal was not an option. Regardless, he chose to go to a team that is sub-par every year. He’s gonna get most of his Octobers off and I doubt he will get another World Series ring. He traded in a legacy with the Yanks to be the face of the Seattle Mariners, which is probably punishment enough.

I’m not going to boo Cano because he left. He is a big boy and can make his own choices, but I will take issue with one thing. I do not appreciate him saying he felt no respect from the Yankee organization. Correct me if I am wrong, but being offered $25 million a year does not seem disrespectful. Was he put off by the rapid signing of Jacoby Ellsbury? Maybe, but as a “businessman”, he should understand why the Yanks were not going to wait on him. I guess I just don’t understand how he felt disrespected and he never elaborated on it, which is why there is a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. In no conversation on the part of the Yankees have I detected hints of disrespect.

So yeah. Cano did what he did and that’s fine. I don’t dislike him for making a business choice or going where he felt more wanted. I don’t dislike him at all, really. I’m indifferent. His leaving was overshadowed by so much over the course of the winter and spring training (Jeter’s retirement news, the nearly $500 million in new additions) that his leaving quickly was forgotten. Not only that, but they new Yanks have played well. Had the team been suffering, maybe I would miss Cano more. 

I think Cano will regret leaving someday. He’ll probably be sitting at home in October and wondering why he left. Maybe if he had waited until AFTER hearing about Jeter’s retirement he would have stayed. Maybe if he had gotten more money he would’ve stayed. Maybe. Maybe maybe maybe. So many maybes, so little time. 

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t knock Cano for going to Seattle. Trust me, playing for Seattle seven years from now will probably be punishment enough….


Author: shestealssecond

I love baseball more than I love Churro Dogs and I'm cooler than A-Rod wearing Ray Bans.

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