Oh, Miggy Miggy, Can’t You See? Sometimes Your Money Just Hypnotizes Me…

I am still trying to wrap my head around the massive contract that Miguel Cabrera and Tigers have reportedly agreed to. 

I mean, seriously. 

This thing is massive. Like, biggest-contract-in-all-of-sports big. 


In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, Miggy has reportedly signed a contract for about $300 million over the next 10 years, which is including the remaining two years left of his current deal. Add all of those numbers together and Miggy will be pulling in just over $30 mil/year. Assuming he plays 150 games, that averages out to approximately $200,00/game. God damn. I can only hope to make that much money over the next five or so years! 

Of all the players in baseball, none is more deserving of a whopping contract, but is it the best thing? Miggy is going to be 31 this year, which means that he will be at least 40 by the time this thing is up. DH is where he will end up soon-ish, so that would mean he is getting paid pretty much only for offense. Personally, I think a 10-year deal is outrageous, no matter the player. I mean, didn’t these teams learn ANYTHING from the whole A-Rod/10-year deal? It craps on your desk about seven years in, something Detroit better be prepared for (and the Mariners with Cano, for that matter). Is there anyone who I would give a ten year contract to? Nope. Maybe Mike Trout, but, wait, erm…eh…nope. Just kidding. Ten year contracts, in my opinion, are irresponsible. 

Will this contract hurt the Tigers in their pursuit for an extension for Max Scherzer? My guess is maybe. It’s so hard to say. Dropping this much money on one player is not super crazy, but it shows that they care more about the MVP than the Cy Young winner. You’d figure they would pursue Scherzer harder, since his contract was up first, but whatever. I’m not running the show in Detroit. 

We will find out if this contract was worth it, but one thing is for sure: The Tigers wanted to keep Miggy in Detroit for as long as humanly possible, no matter the cost. 

What a cost it was. 

Moneybags McGee. 



Author: shestealssecond

I love baseball more than I love Churro Dogs and I'm cooler than A-Rod wearing Ray Bans.

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